Swedish Buns
Local Visit, Homemade Pastries and Local Walk

We start the experience with a visit to my apartment in the center of the city.
I live in one of the oldest apartments in the city (1797).

You take a look around, while you enjoy some homemade Danish pastries and coffee, and get to enjoy the amazing views to some of the greatest historical buildings in Copenhagen and get a glimpse of every day Life.

I tell you a little bit about myself and the apartment.

Then we go on a historic walk around my neighborhood where I will tell you the history of all the streets and historical sights. And provide you with tips to “what to see” “where to eat” etc in Copenhagen.

I will take you around the city center:

Start: Laksegade (my street)
Church of Saint Nikolaj 
Christiansborg Castle
Musseum of Bertel Thorvaldsen
The Royal Library Garden
The StockExchange
The Royal Naval Church

I will be your local guide for a few hours, where I will provide you with all the information you like.