Guided Tour & a Visit to a Private Home

By choosing this combined tour and private visit you get to discover Copenhagen in the best local way.

The event starts with a walk around the city centre, where our guide will show you some of the most spectacular buildings of Copenhagen. The tour is in English.

The tour starts in Laksegade in the centre of the city.

The guide will take you to the following places:

- Church of Saint Nicolai,

- Højbro Plads,

- Christiansborg Castle,

- The Castle Church, (Visit inside only on Sundays)

- Supreme Court,

- Museum of Thorvaldsen,

- The Riding Track of Christiansborg,

- The Royal Library Garden,

- Børsen

- The Royal Navy Church (Visit inside)

The local guide will you tell you all the historical facts about the buildings combined with personal stories, based on local living in the centre of Copenhagen for 20 years.

The tour can be attended by all. It takes approximately 1 and a half hour.

After the guided tour you get to visit a private home and see how a traditional family of 4 people and a cat lives in the city.

The apartment is placed in the centre of the city in the old part of the town. 

It is from 1797 and one of the oldest apartments in Copenhagen after the great fire in 1795. 

The apartment is situated on the third floor and is today a modernized penthouse apartment on 164 square meter.

Despite the modernisation the apartment have the original floor, doors, windows and timbered walls and rooster rafters.

The apartment has a magnificent view to some of the most spectacular buildings in Copenhagen; Christiansborg Castle, Børsen and Church of Saint Nicolai.

The owner of the apartment will tell you about the building, the area and the everyday living in central Copenhagen, while you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and homemade cake and fresh fruit.

The visit last approximately 1-1 and a half hour.

Only € 45 per person.